Tips on How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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Planning a wedding can be an enormous task and one of the most important decisions to make is picking your wedding photographer! How do you possibly choose out of the hundreds and hundreds advertising their services? Well who better to take some pain out of the process than Uniquecapture’s very own wedding photographer in Milton Keynes, Chris King he has many years experience and has photographed more weddings across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire than we could mention!

Weddings vary massively, but whatever the wedding style or theme chosen for the day, every wedding usually has one thing in common – a photographer… snapping away trying to capture all those special moments which the happy couple can cherish forever.

Preparations for any wedding can be years in the making, so imagine how heartbreaking it would be if after all your efforts, you return home from honeymoon to find your wedding photos and only record of that special day are just not what you expected. Fortunately, this is not something we have experienced, but is a real possibility for newlyweds to face if the same effort as put into choosing the dress or venue, is not taken when selecting your photographer. So Chris has put together a few important points to cover when thinking about whom to pick.

1) Book your photographer early… The best wedding services are booked up sometimes years in advance, so make contact with a selection of photographers as soon as possible after you have named the day. This will give you time to make a considered choice and maybe even get a better rate, as often wedding photographers’ special offers and discounts will only be available for very early bookings.

2) Meet all the wedding photographers in person… Good communication is key to ensuring you get the style and type of photos you want, so meet them in the flesh and don’t be afraid to speak up! Be clear about your expectations and give them as much information as you can about the day, even if you haven’t decided on everything – it will give them a chance to think ahead and help with ideas and feedback for the day. It’s very important to see the photographer’s wedding portfolio and point out to them the shots you like, but also the ones you don’t like either. A good wedding photographer will plan and prepare a shoot schedule based on the information you supply.

3) Choose an accredited photographer… This goes some way to ensuring a basic level of competence. Uniquecapture is a member of the SWPP Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers so do some research online beforehand.

4) Leave nothing to chance… Make sure your photographer has the correct insurance in place. Thank goodness, we’ve never had to make a claim due to something disastrous happening, but do check this out just in case. Find out about the safety of your images too – we always have two photographers in attendance, shooting to two cameras and two data-cards – we’re always covered.

5) It’s all about the image… Camera quality is also something to think about! For instance, in many churches low lighting can be an issue for taking photographs. Ensure your photographer is able to cope with such challenges and has the suitable high end camera and lights to cope. 

6) And finally… Make sure you feel comfortable with the photographer and confident he/she will deliver on the brief you have provided. That they’re nice and friendly and you do actually like them! Sounds silly really we know, but they will probably be spending the whole day with you, so it’s really important that you feel completely at ease in their presence as do your guests.



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