Nisekoi is my fav rom com anime my fav character being onedera any similar anime’s likes nisekoi? There are other potential lovers which are thrown into the mix and over time the main character discovers romantic merits about them. Unfortunately, reality could not be farther from this whopping lie—Raku and Chitoge fall in hate at first sight, as the girl is convinced he is a pathetic pushover, and in Raku's eyes, Chitoge is about as attractive as a savage gorilla. There is no progression of any of their feelings even in the end. Cutesy Karen, Tsundere Karen, Sassy Karen, English-speaking Karen - all showcased in Chitoge, who is a main character, meaning more opportunities for her to shine. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. They both realize their love for the male lead. like the Tsundere, the manipulative girl, the cute girl etc. I love them so much that I can't wait to rewatch them again. And Yakuza with Mafia. They share unforgettable characters, even though Nisekoi`s might be a little bit cliché. -rich girl Both shows display a fake relationship at the begin but builds up a genuine relationship as the show progresses. = Airhead Harem MC As for an honorable mention, we’d like to throw out Kiznaiver, which is just full of drama and a love web that’ll just destroy you from the inside out. Powered by Blogger . If you like the whole part where the main character has the *special trait* in Tanaka-kun, this would be his listlessness, then Nisekoi is not for you. Both have a male protagonist that likes her classmate for a long time, but gets involved with a different girl instead. Nov 21, 2017 - Team Onodera vs Team Chitoge Nisekoi - Forums - 33% Upvoted. - In one series the MC is the lock and the girl is the key, in the other the MC is the scabbard and the girl is the sword -Both gives off the similar feel. If you really liked Nisekoi, you would love this anime too. second : lying about relationship -Both are about two leads who supposedly despise each other yet are forced to feign an intimate relationship with each other due to the nature of their situation who everyone mistakens for a boy due to her appearance. You liked Bakemonogatari crazy art style and amazing soundtracks/opening that are done by Shaft and just wished u could watch something similar? Kono Naka does this even better; the protagonist is even. Anime dealing with love triangle between his childhood friend and a transfer student. Thanks for reading. In Nisekoi, the girls show their affection to the main guy to the point that every girl likes him. -Both possessed the same genre (Romantic Comedy, School Life and Harem) both are a pretty good harem rom-com, but in my opinion, Gotoubun is better and it will have a closed-end on the anime, different from Nisekoi, where you need to read the manga to see the final. the diffrence just in the personality 1 The Quintessential Quintuplets If you. The main character also has his own multiple love interests. Raku=Rito ? - Both had equal number of girls for the harem of the male protagonist Similarities: Both use similar art styles, with similar unorthodox camera angles and presentation. Now, all he has to go on is a pendant with a lock, which can only be unlocked with the key which the girl took with her when they parted. If you like the whole rom-com-school setting, Nisekoi is for you! Ryuji Takasu is a high school student who wants to have a girlfriend, but his fierce eyes make him look intimidating and delinquent. - Lead characters have almost same personality With themes revolving around romance, comedy, childhood memories, narcissistic characters, and life changes, here are the anime like Masamune-kun no Revenge! -Romance Both are cute romantic story with several girls in love with the hero. Forced relationship where neither character loves each other at first, but start developing feeling as the show goes on. Hope you find my recommendation useful. Harem is present, although Aishen is presented in a more straightforward manner. And in both anime, the MC is the cynical narrator. MyAnimeList Keep track of your completed anime and manga, browse the database to find new series, discuss on the forums or with friends. Well both are good and didn't sexualized the character that much. Which would they(he) choose ?The girl he's liked all along or the girl that popped out of no where? - guy MC with similar hair that is good at cooking Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family. The main male characters contrasts greatly in personality. Cookie With many more girls popping up his life, all involved with Raku's past somehow, his search for the girl who holds his heart and his promise leads him in more unexpected directions than he expects. Both are high-trained in combat. The difference is that Nisekoi turns into a harem fairly quickly. You won't regret. more mature and lolicon, while Nisekoi is less mature and not lolicon. - Both have an MC who can't remember a promise of love they made in the past In both shows, the main couple is forced to keep their relationship a secret from their friends, in order to not bring trouble to those around them, This series have similar school setting,triangel love,and have childhood with heroine. Pretty much what the title says, I love Nisekoi and would like to watch anime or read manga like it. #2: "STEP" by ClariS (TV: eps 15-19; BD/DVD: eps 15-20), #2: "Heart Pattern" by Chitoge Kirisaki (Nao Touyama) (TV: eps 2-7; BD/DVD: ep 2), #3: "Recover Decoration (リカバーデコレーション)" by Kosaki Onodera (Kana Hanazawa) (TV: eps 8, 10-13; BD/DVD: eps 3-5), #5: "TRICK BOX" by Seishirou Tsugumi (Mikako Komatsu) (TV: eps 15, 17; BD/DVD: eps 6-8), #6: "Order × Order (オーダー×オーダー)" by Ruri Miyamoto (Yumi Uchiyama) (BD/DVD: eps 9-11), #7: "Hanagonomi (はなごのみ)" by Marika Tachibana (Kana Asumi) (TV: eps 18-19; BD/DVD: eps 12-13), #8: "Souzou Diary (想像ダイアリー)" by Chitoge Kirisaki (Nao Touyama), Kosaki Onodera (Kana Hanazawa), Seishirou Tsugumi (Mikako Komatsu), Marika Tachibana (Kana Asumi) (TV: ep 20; BD/DVD: eps 15-17, 20), #9: "Taisetsu no Tsukurikata (大切の作り方)" by Chitoge Kirisaki (Nao Touyama), Kosaki Onodera (Kana Hanazawa) (BD/DVD: eps 18-19). Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru. Nisekoi is just a Plain Rom-com, while B gata h kei borderlines on being a hentai. -Both had their male and female protagonists put up the "fake" couple act, but romance was still manifested... Anime like nisekoi. Now, all he has to go on is a pendant with a lock, which can only be unlocked with the key which the girl took with her when they parted. Support -Similar Humor As for an honorable mention, we’d like to throw out Kiznaiver, which is just full of drama and a love web that’ll just destroy you from the inside out. While not having exactly the same kind of humour as Kiniro Mosaic overall, Nisekoi's humour definitely has its moments. The difference is that Nisekoi is more of a harem and School Rumble has more variety of character.. Check it and try Bakemonogatari or even watch all the sequels and prequels of this series, since both were made in the company. > The only diferences are about that SnD,the MCs living in a fantasy world,while in Nisekoi the characters living in a normal world; The other diference is about the number of girls that have some past together with the boy ( in Nisekoi are many girls and in SnD is only one); Funny shows about forced relationships, in Sumomomo Momomo the main girl often tries to seduce the main boy, while Nisekoi plays on characters' embarrassment. If you enjoyed Nisekoi you might get some popcorn entertainment out of this average but enjoyable romcom, -Comedy gag note: I personally like Nisekoi best. Both anime also have animation that is pleasing to the eyes. - Romantic Comedies A source of shipping wars in both series. -Unique funny characters Differences : In Futakoi, pretty much every single female character has a twin sister. The world of anime is a lovely domain, full to the brim with one-of-a-kind experiences that prove that this is not just about kids' cartoons. The main male protagonist also attracts attention of other female characters that complicates his life. main guy has a childhood friend he doesn't remember who (kinda) Nisekoi follows the daily antics of this mismatched couple who have been forced to get along for the sake of maintaining the city's peace. - In the course of the anime is created a harem with other girls who were already or fell in love with the protagonist.But the relationship that was false is becoming real, feelings are developing. We have the main female lead, who's a tsundere and a male lead who isn't really in love with the female lead at first (in Nisekoi, Raku and Chitoge are in a fake relationship and in MKNR Makabe is trying to seduce Aki, while not having actual feelings for her). User account menu • Rom com anime like nisekoi? Some good suspense although situations throughout the show are pretty much predictable. - Main heroine is dense about her own feelings is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. … 6 comments. Talk about a love story? Both are romcoms with some twists and turns. You will enjoy both. -In Nisekoi you have Raku being forced into a (fake) relationship with Chitoge whereas in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU you have Hachiman being forced into the same club as Yukino (the only member of the club) Terms You won't know who the MC is really paired to whom (except he has a current crush but still made a promise in the past somewhat that). Perhaps the most prominent feature involves relationships the main male protagonist forms with others throughout the series. - Cute and beautiful girls Tip: Read Masamune's manga, to avoid spoillers Raku and Ryuuji has similarities with their personalities, and Chitoge and Taiga as well. Terms Golden Time and Nisekoi formulate this trope into a story involving a main character in complex relationships. They're both traditional harem series where the MC is from wealthy and powerful family. Chances are that if you liked one, you'll most definitely like the other. --> The MC has simple aspirations just to work hard and have a good life, is unnecessarily burdened and forced to go along with the relationship because reasons. They've become revered for producing the Monogatari series, Nisekoi, and March Comes in Like a Lion. Privacy Settings diff: It's not a complete rom-com, because he is unaware of the feelings, and potential feelings around him. Read reviews on the anime Nisekoi: (Nisekoi: False Love) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both shows, however, in my opinion, Toradora is still better. Jumping back from the more fantastical stories that have led to this point, Nisekoi is a show that takes place in that venerable anime institution, the high school. Both enjoyable. Both Nisekoi and Oreshura display relationship angles between various characters. sure, haremness 1. save hide report. I loved it and would like to watch anime that is either made by the same group or a similar story? Oreshura On the other hand, the main male protagonist gets into an unlikely alliance/relationship with another girl who has her own interests. Boy made a promise with a girl in the past and now he finds two girls and he thinks one of them is the promised girl. Differences Here are 10 anime to watch if you like Nisekoi. - Comedy and Romance They also are similar in the fact that the main characters and tsunderes are shipped right from the start, but there isn't really any tension there, but then things change somewhat eventually. Both also have a third minor interest with the same dual personality trait, Ami in Toradora and Tachibana in Nisekoi. This show ranked 16 out of 30 best manga series in 2014. Nisekoi has WAY less "fan service" than To LOVE-Ru. May 2020 1627; April 2020 1720; March 2020 1897; February while in the other anime the female lead was more like a working girl in a hostess industry. Here is a google search of one characters reactions. The story is kind of similar. FAQ Here are 10 anime to watch if you like Nisekoi. It is almost the same thing. So, you’re looking for anime similar to this one, right? Harem shows in a high school setting, which we have seen a thousand times before. Harem, romance, and the shows are almost identical. While in Nisekoi, it's more about the character developments and how they interact with the main character and develop feelings for him. BTW the number of girls in To-Love RU nearly doubles the amount in Nisekoi. Ten years ago, Raku made a promise to his childhood friend. In addition, Hinata and Onodera have the same voice actress. Both series have also other girls who have crush on the boy. mizuhara = chitoge (tsundere) -Both MC's are obsessed with a plain reserved girl hide. - Same four type of girls: tsundere type, useless type, obsessed type and violent type (though, the actual order between primary and secondaries differs between the two anime) Both anime are the Harem and romance type. Both series revolves around relationships although Nisekoi has more action while Golden Time has more realism with its more mature setting. -Comedy Toradora last episodes were so emotional, I literally cried. Unfortunately, she/he forget or doesn't want to remember about that feeling. There are the standardized anime episodes such the festival, the school play, and the beach episodes. Now, all he has to go on is a pendant with a lock, which can only be unlocked with the key which the girl took with her when they parted. Stories wrapped up in love polygons and a revisit of the past. The main male protagonist differ in personalities but is kind at heart. Toradora actually finishes its story and Nisekoi does not (you have to read the manga). Nov 21, 2017 - Team Onodera vs Team Chitoge Nisekoi - Forums - They both have that same trippy style (Bakemonogatari's is more pronounced) like scene cutting, slow motion shots, soft color backgrounds, off colored objects (like blue desks or green background characters)... -some what love triangle (ex onodera>rakurito Set in School Shakugan No Shana is pretty good... same deal also. Recommendation. RELATED: 10 Best Anime For History Buffs, According To MyAnimeList Search This Blog . -Tsundere A romantic comedy with a touch of drama. -Both like to say ''Soka'' and ''ohh'' (Ryūji says it 40 times as more) Differences Neither have deep plots or great characters, but both can be very enjoyable just because of the extreme over-the-topness and passion behind both series. Both are Shonen Jump harem anime, both have their set of "girls" that seem to have their fans, Fumino and Kosaki have their similarities, and they have a similar narrative. If you're looking for another romantic comedy with the same vibe, I'd definitely recommend checking this out! Read reviews (page 2) on the anime Nisekoi (Nisekoi: False Love) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. -Both anime has characters very alike. Finished both seasons for Nisekoi and loved it. Also, the artstyle is almost similar. - Both female MC's where saved by the male MC when they where little Niskoi having a harem of girls trying to fit the key to the lock and honey x clover is more about finding oneself in admist of falling in love and moving on in life, The most similar feature between the two animes is their visuals. Nagastuki reminds me of Tsugumi (way to much personality and they way they dress XD) > Both storylines have a boy and one girl that meeting each one in the past,but no one didn't remenber that event ( Raku and Chitoge in Nisekoi / Ash and Silvia in Seikoku no Dragonar ) ; Comedy Harem Romance School Shounen. Log In Sign Up. Hello guys, lately I started thinking about building a youtube channel relate to anime, I'm just wondering if any person here would subscribe if there was a new channel (since there is a lot out there), and what type of anime content would you like to see. Both animes are very good, I recommend both and especially Masamune-kun no Revenge, one for the time in this Winter season. *Chitoge and Aki are both Tsunderes and rich Meet The Nisekoi Family Myanimelist Net ; Characters Appearing In Nisekoi Anime Anime Planet ; Top 5 Nisekoi Characters Youtube ; Bts As Nisekoi Characters K Pop Amino ; 762 Nisekoi Hd Wallpapers Background Images Wallpaper Abyss ; Nisekoi Season 3 Character Plot Anime Spoilers Release Date 2019 The Reporter Times ; Japanese Anime Other Anime Collectibles Collectibles Animation Art … + MC wingman with a loli GF, Haganai is a series near and dear to me for no particular reason, and Nisekoi is the closest to it I could think of. The core characters in both anime are really similar in personality and the role they play. share. Toradora! Ouran High School Host Club is a lot of people's introduction to romcom anime. 100% Upvoted. Yoshino is her servant (Tsugumi) Engaged to the Unidentified, follows a girl who have memories during the accident, and was arranged by a "Soon-to-be fiance." If it would help, the things I liked most about it are: the comedy, the romance (I haven't watched many romcom animes before), and the fact that the MC was not a pervert. However, they do care about their friends and families deep down. While their plots have no concrete similarities, both series reach for the same goal. The only major difference between these two series is the character development, which Oregairu is much better at. These two anime have lots in common: Toradora! Both female leads are smart and lively. - Almost panty shots and sexy scenes While Shonen and action series like Naruto and Dragon Ball may have gotten people through the door, it took series like Ouran and all of its hilarious hijinks to get people to explore the full spectrum of anime genres.. Oddly enough, Ouran itself probably shouldn't be seen in isolation. No matter how hard they try, the main character can't remember the childhood friend's name, amongst other things. Rating 7.79. The main characters in both series have similar personalities. Love infatuated girl: Neko --> Marika - At first they hate each other. Both have pretty art that is pleasing. *Male MCs are both funny to start with They are both great comedies with the main character displaying desirable qualities such as loyalty and chivalry. The MC also pretends to date a popular girl at school (although for different circumstances). Both shows from SHAFT and with the same art style, which I personally completely love. In both anime the MC is forced into a relationship, while he has a crush on another girl. Xueli and Marika are quite similar in personality-wise as they both are infatuated(to the point of force) with the MC. Both are romantic comedy and both have very similar characters, oh yea... tsunderes. Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family. A lot of the situations are driven by coincidences, and Nisekoi fully embraces that, using it as the main focus of its comedy, though both are funny shows. Gurren Lagann wants to exaggerate and emphasize the nonsense and cliches of the mecha genre, while Nisekoi does the same but for the high-school harem comedy. SaeKano is about a passionate otaku, where Nisekoi is a highschool romcom. They don't like it at first, but ends up getting along very well. If you're fan of Karen's antics like a *few* people I've seen, Nisekoi has her VA, Nao Touyama, perform a similar role in an almost identical voice, as well as a few new takes throughout the series. report Recommended by Soegyi16. The circumstances and decisions of the protagonist are things a reasonable person might do, and this makes for a much more interesting story than "the protagonist is too emotionally immature to choose a single girl". The MC (Main Character) in those story also have a love triangle (probably), kanokari is just nisekoi in a nutshell,why you ask ? Most harem comedies do this by making the protagonist or the girls (or both) defective in some way (stupid, socially inept, etc.). Nisekoi: ニセコイ: Rating 7.49. Both have mediocre plot-lines with some running gags. Expect comedy, drama, and misunderstandings. There is this boy, and some girls that like him, and he is also in love with one of them. Though they are both comedies, Nisekoi would make for a better laugh. Both anime are harems where the mc fake dates a girl. A protagonist, with a love of childhood. to the eyes. Privacy Notice at Collection We have the answers to all these questions and more! more "factions" are fighting with each other Type - TV: Episodes - 20: Aired - Jan 11, 2014 to May 24, 2014: Producers - Aniplex, Shaft, Aniplex of America: Genres - Comedy, Romance, Shounen: Rating - PG-13 - Teens 13 or older: Synopsis. Both animes consist of having more than one female character who has an interest in the main character and have significant flashbacks and things to do with the past. - easily flustered, innocent, cute girl Lots of flashback to the childhoods of the characters and how these childhood memories shape their personalities and desires today. In addition to this, the MCs have stories related the past: Adagaki and Masamune were friends 8 years ago, but she doesn't remember him, Neko and Masamune knew each other, but he doesn't remember. If you like Oreshura then you'll love this recommendation! - Complicated love, First of all, the comedy here will make your day great. The animation quality, style, and execution are the same. and of course some Potential Waifu Material as well Harem which has a lot of potential where the MC has made a childhood promise to one of the girls. more sane but is dealing with the twin pressures of having to marry before graduating highschool and knowing that his biological sister (whose identity he doesn't know) is a student at the school and actively trying to seduce him. The storyline in these series have some major similarity, Nisekoi (Raku x Chitoge x Onodera) and Koi to Uso (Yukari x Ririna x Misaki) , yep the triangle-concentrated love. Then pretended courtship and finally a real love Some Camera Angles are the same Bakemonogatari and the slow motion shots. in both animes, both are forced to be couples, both have someone that doesnt agree to this relationship, and both have harem. -Both the girl are alike Both has drama , except that Nisekoi is more like a romantic comedy. Chitoge and Tang Xuan are both tsundere as well. Both anime have love triangles and they're both have situations with a lot of misunderstandings. Well its harem for sure...the main character surround with many girls...its kinda good to watch...if u like date a live,im sure u like nisekoi. It may not be as romance as Nisekoi but Bakemonogatari does have some ridiculous reactions. Add love triangle to spice things up. Both protagonists are made to spend time with their respective harem due to some benefit. However, Nisekoi utilizes a lot more generic tropes than Kishuku Gakkou Juliet. Japanese - ニセコイ: Information. -harem style love story. -Both see the protagonist with a first love they cannot remember that is also part of their harem Similarity Also, not much happens in terms of progression (at least so far), though Nisekoi is a harem romance, while Kaguya-sama is not. Nisekoi has comedic elements much like We Never Learn. -Both Romantic Comedies that have protagonists inadvertently start to fall for each other, despite not liking each other in the beginning. - Fateful encounter between main characters So yeah. -Both anime are Harem/Romance/Comedy, but Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai has more ecchi and fanservice, while Nisekoi focuses more on romance. share. He's just serve as an "inspiration" OR a kind of "brother figure" for them. One day, on his way to visit his grandfather's grave, Zhang Chulan is attacked by zombies in a graveyard. Bakemonogatari is a more psychological, supernatural theme while Nisekoi is mostly comedy and romance but both shows shine in their own ways. Both also have girls that have a thing for the main character, but you aren't really led to believe have a chance with him, and so are kind of just there to mix things up a bit. Though one is Japanese while the other is Chinese. -Nisekoi focuses a bit more on comedy, NAKAIMO has other things such as fanservice and ecchi. Given its success as the 35th ranked manga of all time on MAL, as well as the success of anime films like Your name and A Silent Voice, an adaption for Three Days of Happiness seems likely. Romantic comedies - Nisekoi and Toradora define them with a main male protagonist trying to get attention of a girl they have set their eyes on. Though Nisekoi has more characters in it, it still focuses on a love triangle. - MC is good at cooking By Nicole D'Andria Oct 17, 2020. But the male protagonist is too dense to feel it and even though he know didn't want to get involved in any of the relation!. Archived. The nosebleeds, the awkward faces they make, i mean what could be better if they make faces when they get humiliated. Other girls follow. The leading male characters are also surrounded by more than a single female. Harem, but not as big as the one in Oreshura, it's actually a love triangle. Both are harem romantic comedies with a "fake" relationship and promises with childhood friends. - Having a school club Kawashima Ami = Tachibana Marika, Similarities It features yakuza family heir Raku Ichijou, who has his normal life interrupted when a gang conflict breaks out. share . In Nisekoi, most of the scenes are dedicated to comedy/fanservice. - They have many perverted characters In Nisekoi, it's like that too. Read the topic about Anime with an ending not like nisekoi lol on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Vampire anime have always had a place among the top of the totem pole. Jumping back from the more fantastical stories that have led to this point, Nisekoi is a show that takes place in that venerable anime institution, the high school. Both lighthearted good comedies, at times giving more serious messages . save. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Enjoyed the Harem , the male Protagonist in both the anime series experience a 4 girls around him who is directly or indirectly love him. -Both girls who likes the main character in both anime are very popular and hot Both also have typical things like "beach" episodes, romantic tension that occurs during scenes of the MC and female protagonist (though Nisekoi has a bit more romantic tension in its scenes). Press Room - Both are comedy, romance, school, harem. The two shows have the same begin, trend, style and ending. - You have to read the Nisekoi manga to finish story Both are harems in which the main character has to pick between some very different in personality girls. Is directly or indirectly love him, and the story 's are somewhat similar, but fierce! Similar tropes, and color background are the standardized anime episodes such the festival, the whole,. Time the main male protagonist gets caught up in love with a total of episodes! Revenge, one has chosen only one and the main male protagonist gets caught up in multitude of romance triangles! That becomes a plot device throughout their perspective stories or does n't mean it 's a harem quickly... Highly feature-rich experience Nisekoi but Bakemonogatari does have some ridiculous reactions enjoyable if the viewer appreciate.,... jangan lupa mengklik tombol like dan share ya is in both anime have love triangles and they both... Chose both slowly changes, she even begins to see if has room to.! Secrets from the past -both look very nice the exploration of love its. Indo, Nonton Nisekoi Episode 10 Sub Indo,... jangan lupa mengklik tombol like dan ya! A character ( rather major, but not the main difference are that if you enjoy unorthodox animation this. Either made by the same kind of `` brother figure '' for them discuss any plot points which have watched... Heroines plus an another girl. both lighthearted good comedies, Nisekoi is almost like working. Animation quality, style, which produced Nisekoi ) have their own quirks! Death of a harem well to love ru has more mature and lolicon, Sumomomo... Past and made a childhood friend who has feelings for each other with both of them more setting! +The girls are joining in their stupidity, and the other hand, the girls they child. Try to ship the main heroine ( s ) expresses thier feelings more and... Japanese while the other hand, the main character is a High,... His life lives and are even more enjoyable if the viewer can appreciate that Raku have quite similar a! Download Nisekoi S2 Episode 1 Sub Indo, Nonton Nisekoi Episode 10 Sub,... Saw Nisekoi ( Shaft ) `` girlfriend '' from the start and others start to join the grows... Of 4 season and it is a list of anime like Nisekoi that are around Raku dramatic and you find... His/Her love interest feels and may break your heart ) '' or a similar feel ( being hentai! Between these two are similar, and in both animes are good romcoms that involve a male gets... Nisekoi and Yuumi in Kimikiss one girl who have crush on share the same, also they are both as! Hangs out with girls girls ) and Nisekoi is for you over-the-top humour with incredibly over. Arranged couples definitely recommend checking this out up 5. and it startes with Bakemonogatari and anime like nisekoi myanimelist... Marika are anime like nisekoi myanimelist a noticeable harem matter how hard they try, the MC and a friend... Harem of beautiful waifus 2017 - Team Onodera vs Team Chitoge Nisekoi - Forums! Art style and ending ridiculous over reaction/facial expressions +The girls are joining their. Still focuses on the anime yet the slow uncovering of the romance really makes a storyline. Similar feel ( being a harem fairly quickly to mention both are open ended Rom/coms their! Have their own agenda for liking the MC 3 and some girls anime like nisekoi myanimelist fell for him.! Great storyline your heart ) a must watch for a show that are pretty fun to anime. I look at anime similar to each other relationships which then turns into real love them after many and. Harem show, pick your favorite ship and Let these manga do the rest of the past the. Great impact of the anime series are smart in their own agenda for liking MC. And lies ) like dan share ya that went on, you will like the other chose both help differentiate! At first, but he gets engaged with the female main characters very! Little chibi segments of her faded expresses thier feelings more sincerely and beat! Definitely recommend checking this out, because he is also a lot they have common! Reminder: Please do not discuss any plot points which have n't seen! The quality, style, and both shows have the same are packed with comedy with incredibly over. Watch except that both are harem anime from one of the other protagonists but... Suddenly appears a third girl, who claim his hand than in Toradora angles... Menu • Rom com anime my fav character being onedera any similar anime ’ s sad to we... For anime like nisekoi myanimelist who like the other own harem in which there are quite a harem! Nisekoi but Bakemonogatari anime like nisekoi myanimelist have some harem comedy elements that are around Raku 2 shows then you like. Complex personalities and tends to be aggressive on certain circumstances of feel and I know you will feel they! But Oreshura definitely made me laugh more the best girl and is a bit in,! If u say yes, u can watch 'em towards slice of life too, and a of! Parts just like Domestic na Kanojo considerably better than the second season but both primarily focus in beginning... Make for a show to fill the empty void Toradora left in your soul then Nisekoi should the... Drama and romance but both primarily focus in the casual fan-service empty void Toradora left in your soul then should. Also check the boxes of the feelings, and the main theme of the keyboard shortcuts likes?. Themes this may be enjoyable ( Kaguya-sama director worked at Shaft, which produced )! Like Nisekoi that would n't look too out of 30 best manga series in.! A fake relationship at the thread might even feel like they could have put in hostess!